Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tyres and Rims

Spent the day organising new rims for the Camper Trailer to match the Cruiser. Toyota have now brought out a Steel Rims to match the 200 series so I picked up 3 rims had the spare tyres fitted to them and put them on the Camper. Now I have 8 tyres and rims that are all interchangeable - also effectively giving me 2 spares for either the cruiser or camper.

Put the camper behind the Cruiser and adjusted the spotties for the extra weight weight in the tail which lifts the front end slightly. I actually measured the drop when I put the camper on and it was only 30mm so the 200kg constant load springs on the Cruiser are doing their job.

I've also fitted a Kaymar rear carrier and bar which allowed me to replace the Longranger 70ltr Aux fuel tank with a 155ltr unit. Now I'm carrying a fuel capacity of 245lts probably 225ltrs usable. That should give me a range fully loaded of 1400km (assuming 16ltrs /100k which is what I expect with a load on traveling at the speed limit)