Friday, May 25, 2012

Hema Navigator Owners - Don't try this at home.

Yes OK I'm gadget junkie. I'm always messing around with my toys.

Even as a kid I use to pull things apart that were not meant to be. I just wanted to see how they worked.

Any way (I digress). I thought it would be cool to tweak my new Hema Navigator HN6 by using the OziExplorer Screen Designer to add a few features to the screen. In particular I wanted to enable the feature that configuration window for the Auto Log Book function.

I downloaded the latest version from, copied the HEMA-EziOzi2.par1 file made the adjustments and saved the file under a new name.

I changed the page file in the Navigator only to find that none of the Hema buttons were present so I couldn't change the the page file back to the Hema default one.

Stupidly I thought I would delete my file and that should trick the system in going back to the default page file. Nope. That just locked the system up. Sure it tried to load the default page file but it was looking for a file that did not exist. I'm guess it was a legacy issue. It obviously didn't cross anyone's mind that someone like me would be so adventurous. Turning my new HN6 into an expensive brick. Well almost.

I tried renaming a copy of the page file to default.par1 and a few other things but no go.

Another brainwave hit me to check the .cgf files to find the name of the file it was looking for. Sure enough lastpage.cfg said the file name was "Hema Navigator 1.par1" so I renamed a copy of the HEMA-EziOzi2.par1 file to this name and volla! everything back to normal.

It was only then I contacted Hema support and within a few hours they sent me a new HEMA-EziOzi2.par1 file with access to the Log Book configuration settings.

I've dealt with Hema a number of times and they have always been very helpful. Their after sales support is seriously good. Thumps up for them.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Trip Planner

I've put a copy of my trip planner on Google Docs.

Here's the Link

Hopefully its self explanatory.

Please comment here if you have any problems.

To use the sheet you will first need to copy it to your google account using File > Make A Copy.