Thursday, August 7, 2008

So what is plan?

The current plan is for me to take 4 weeks off work around the school holidays in June/July 2009. My youngest daughter might also come.

I'll take 1 week drive to Cairns with the camper trailer and pick up the balance of the family there.

We'll take 2 weeks to drive to the tip and back to Cairns. Family will fly home and I'll drive back.

To make the drive to Cairns interesting I'm hoping to go via some places of interest like Longreach to check out the Qantas museum.

So far I've mapped a few alternate routes on OziExplorer and used Google Earth to check the terrain etc...

We have two other families interested in coming with us - hopefully they too will be able to arrange the time off.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gazza,

I am also planning a trip to the cape around the same time with a friend, I live on the gold coast, QLD, and I thought i would make it express (2 days) from here to Cairns, and take up to 3 weeks to the tip and back, then 2 days from cairns back home.

I only have one car (Mitsubishi Pajero), and I will go regardless, but would not like to do this trip solo as i would not like to get stuck without another car to help, although I am getting all the recovery goodies, including a winch bar.

i have been looking on online forums for others planning a trip around the same time and I think i like your plans so far. i thought the Cape York trek on sounds good, but im looking at books on things to see and do around the cape.

I hope your willing to have another car in plans for the trip so hopefully you can drop me an email, let me know what you think.

Gazza said...

Hi Brett,

Sorry for getting back to you so late. I think we'd be happy to have you join us.

There are 3 vehicles so far.

Mine and 2 other families.

I have 2 teenage girls they have 2 younger boys each.

4 Vehicles might get a bit crowded in spots so that is something we need to think through.

I think the best way is to keep it informal. i.e. We'll keep you up to speed with what we are up to and you can tag along as you see fit. That way if you get into trouble we are only a radio call away.

Stay in touch huh?

Anonymous said...

great idea, working on my plans in more detail now and i think they would differ some what from yours. But, for example days 2 (I would also LOVE to do CREB track, but doubt it will be open), and 5 - 8 would be very similar, and i imagine not too much difference later on either.

Sweet, i'll keep checking ur page for updates and perhaps more communication when the time is right.

Hope to see you there,