Monday, January 26, 2009

Trip Planning - Update

A closer look at dates and timing etc. and we have firmed up some plans.

The trip up to Cairns is now as follows:
Leave early Day 1 - for Bourke. (1040k)
Day 2 - Bourke to Longreach (969k)
Day 3 - Day in Longreach (Stockmans Hall of fame and QANTAS Museum)
Day 4 - Longreach to Cairns. (919k)
--Break in Cairns.
Cape Trip.
Day 1 - Cairns to Cooktown (Via Cape Tribulation) (200k)
Day 2 - Cooktown to Lakefield NP (Possible camping at Hann River Crossing) (200k)
Day 3 - Lakefield NP to Moreton TS (380k)
Day 4 - Moreton TS to Punsand Bay (Taking easy route for most part incl Jardine River Ferry) (270k)
Day 5 - Trip to the tip. (Stay at Punsand Bay)
Day 6 - Back to Moreton TS (270k)
Day 7 - Moreton TS to Chili Beach - (Iron Range NP) Probably a slow trip (120k)
Day 8 - Chili Beach to Archer River RH (150k)
Day 9 - Archer River RH to Port Douglas (240k)
--Break in Port Douglas / Cairns. (8 Nights)
Trip Home
Day 1 - Leave midday for Hughenden (587k)
Day 2 - Hughenden to Mt Isa (521k) - Mine tour (That afternoon or possibly next morning)
Day 3 - Mt Isa to Longreach (647k) - Depending on time might revisit QANTAS museum to see bits missed last time.
Day 4 - Longreach to Charleville (515k) Visit Telescope.
Day 5 - Chareville to Peak Hill (839k)
Day 6 - Charleville to Home (784k) - Stop at Parkes Radio Telescope.

Total Ks 9058.

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