Friday, June 19, 2009

A Special Mention

I have been reminded by she who shall remain nameless that although much of the actual trip planning has fallen to me, none of the plans would have any hope of being realised without the support and hard work of my wife of 22.5ish years. Mrs Gazza has done all the booking of campsites and side adventures, packing and preparing food etc.. Often an unrecognised and under appreciated role - so here I pay tribute to a wonderful person without whom we'd still be thinking about it.

Thanks Hon!


Anonymous said...

Appreciation thus noted. Now you will still be fed. Love from your Hon!
Ps. That "Gazmo" doesn't eat, does it?

Jenni Poke said...

Hi Gazza,

So glad to see you have acknowledged your wonderful wife's assistance and help.

Will be praying for you all for protection, good health and a wonderful time together as a family.

God Bless.

Love Jen Xx