Sunday, July 5, 2009

OK - Time to update

OK we are rested, Truck & Trailer are clean and we are all setup for a few days stay at Port Douglas.

Time to update the missing days.

Day 7 - Cairns to Cooktown.

We stopped to look at the Daintree Discovery Centre which has some raised paths among a large range of natural fauna & flora. A good way to see a lot in a short period of time if you are prepared to pay for it.

Zipped past Cape tribulation but obviously didn't do my research properly because we didn't see anything noteworthy.

We took the Bloomfield Track which is pretty slow going (Avg 30-40kph) parts are steep even had the big Twin Turbo V8 in first gear. Also a bit rough. So rough in fact that the tailgate in the camper opened and we lost my recovery gear and socket set - very frustrating. We managed to replace the most critical gear in Cooktown at prices only marginally more expensive than home.

Stayed the night at the Big 4 - Very nice indeed.

Day 8 - Cooktown to Hann Crossing (Lakefield NP).
The Trip was pretty straight forward road conditions around 60-70kph average.
Hann Crossing has an honor registration system where you write on a white board which camp site you are staying in and leave money in a steel mail box.

We stayed at camp 11/12 right next to the river very nice - it also had a 1-2m bank making it harder for the crocs to come straight from the river to camp. We saw crocs by torch light that night (red eyes floating down the river).

Day 9 - Hann Crossing (Lakefield NP) - Moreton Telegraph Station.
The road gets progressively easier as you approach the main road north where you find short stretches of black top and surprisingly even smoother clay top.

Fuelled up (Diesel this time) at Coen - The BP is not a BP so that was a bit inconvenient but no real biggie.

The people at Moreton are very friendly and helpful.

Day 9 - Moreton Telegraph Station - Punsand Bay.
The family we were traveling with started the day with a flat tyre - changed it a got it fixed??? (read below) in Bamaga.

We stopped at Fruit Bat Falls for a swim - the best natural water body swim I've ever had - very nice.

Anyway stopped in Bamaga to get the tyre fixed and stock up supplies.

The road into Punsand was a bit rough but not as bad as the Bloomfield track.

The scenery at Punsand is fantastic! the Beach is great but no swimming - some people went for quick dips the bottom is sandy and the water clear if you're quick. The facilities at Punsand Bay Resort hardly qualify to be called "resort" but they are adequate and priced accordingly - Keep expectations low.

The sunsets were amazing.

Day 10 - The Tip!.
This was the big day - the whole reason for the 4,500km (so far) trip - And I wasn't disappointed.

We took the back road from Punsand to the tip which is very slow with a number of deeper water holes to navigate - nothing covering the tyres but almost - It was fun. A bit overgrown so I got some surface scratches on the 200 - about time - It was looking very Toorak.

The Tip was huge fun we got the obligatory photo at the official tip but then using the GPS found the real tip of the Main Land Continent of Australia about 10m to the west.

The walk from the car park is either via the beach or over the top - we went one way and came back the other.

Took this panorama on the way back...

More Later....

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