Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the way home

We got away from Cairns at 9:30am on Jul 13. We waited a bit longer for the sun to rise over the hill to help dry some very wet canvas from the previous day's rain and the heavy morning dew. I must have wiped over a ltr of water off and then moved the canvas onto the roadway to dry. Time was against us so we needed to pack up still damp but no longer dripping.

Normanton was around 600ks away so getting going was important. The first 100ks through Atherton took nearly 2hrs due to the winding road and road works. The rest of the trip was at the speed limit. We arrived at Normanton just as the sun was setting.

We wanted to see the Gulf so we got an early start and did the 140k round trip to Karumba for breakfast.

Lunch was a Burke and Wills Hotdog at the Burke and Wills Road House. We arrived at Mt Isa at 3:30.

Today we do the above ground mine tour, so I've taken the opportunity to get the local Toyota dealer to do the 40k service. Hopefully they will be finished by 1:00pm when the tour is finished.

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